Monday, May 14, 2012

Prince Albert in a Can

This is one of those stories that attempts to capture a specific time, a specific place: a moment caught in amber like some prehistoric mosquito.  The story is fiction but the events are more or less true, I squeezed the events of a few years into a couple of months when I wrote this, about a decade after the fact.  I was trying to document my life at the time, not so much the details as the sense that events are moving too fast to be properly grasped or weighed.  Time moving past like a wind in your face.

Anyway.  You can buy it for a dollar at the Kindle store, assuming you have a Kindle, or the Kindle apps for PC or Ipad here:

The most excellent cover is by the most excellent Jo Seaquist.

And by the way, I keep trying to respond to folks in the comments, but Blogger is eating my words.  I will respond when the glitches allow.


Rebecca H said...

Blogger has eaten my last three comments on previous posts.

I love this story. It's sad and funny and just a little surreal.

Jo said...

Thanks, Jeff! I loved this one...very real.