Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Thing With Feathers

Well, the bad news is we have head lice in the house.  I'm not easily disgusted by that kind of thing.  They're bugs.  But it means a great deal of the Memorial Day weekend will be spent washing and drying pretty much everything in the house.  As well as shampooing ourselves with a substance that smells like battery acid.

But peer into the dross and you discover this pearl: I walked into the bathroom yesterday to find my wife with her head in the sink, covered in suds, as youngest massaged her head, gently working the shampoo into her scalp, checking for bugs as she did so, handling my wife's head with the same care she'd give to a kitten.  A heart-tugging reversal of roles that leaves me with a small, hard nugget of hope for the future of this weary world.  

I can't leave comments on anyone else's blog, or even return comments on my own. My apologies. I'm out there, lurking, faithfully reading your posts, even if I can leave no evidence of it.

Off to New Orleans on Monday for a tech conference. Hopefully lice-free. See you upon my return.


SueAnn Lommler said...

That is a very special moment!! Thanks for sharing!!
Sorry you can't leave comments. That sucks

Sarah Sometimes said...