Friday, March 7, 2008


The Priestess of Poetry tells us today's word is "lick."

A hot sugar sun hangs burning
in a beetle red Lik-M-Aid sky
and you feel the rush
in your tongue and your skin and your brain
and the sober besuited adults who make the stuff
give you a little sugar stick to dip and lick
so your fingers don't get sticky and stained
but they don't understand
that sticky and stained is the best part
so you gobble the sugar stick down
and promptly forget about it
as you pour the powder in a pile
and stick your fingers in
and pull em out and lick em
and stick em in and pull em out
and lick em again
til your fingers and lips and tongue
are red and wet and sticky
and you look like a wide-mouthed clown
like a brain-hungry zombie
like a badly lipsticked society maiden
and you don't care
cuz your brain is buzzing
and your blood is bubbling
and all you want is moremoreMORE
as you dip and lick your way
to the fizzy center
of that hot white sugar sun


Mona Buonanotte said...

"hot white sugar sun"...that's exactly it! When my kids get high on sugar, it's like they're on fire! I keep re-reading your entry, it's addictive....

Victoria Gothic said...

Wow, are you sure that stuff isn’t just cocaine? The way she (The Priestess of Poetry) starts to talk about this stuff near the end sounds like someone who is addicted to this powdery substance on more than one level. Indeed; I’ll go check out her site to see where this comes from…

Daisy said...

Oh, humor derives from familiarity, which I guess explains why I have the goofiest lopsided grin on my face right now. I can see that smeary, sticky mouth and can feel the terror rising about where those sticky red (or blue, or green) sugar-dye-stained fingers are going to head next because I know for sure it's not going to be the sink for a scrub.

Well done piece! Bravo. WHo knew "lick" would be such an inspiring word?

Clowncar said...

Glad to write a blog entry as addictive as sugar, Mona. I read recently that the hyper-kids/sugar connection is a myth. Obviously someone without any actual kids to observe.

Yeah, Vic, I was kinda going for a druggy cocaine subtext there.

So nice to see you again, Daisy. Lik-M-Aid makes me smile too. After I wrote the poem I spent the day longing for those little candy dots that used to come on wax paper.

Maggie said...

I love love LOVE this. I wish I hadn't missed it last Friday.

Mother of Invention said...

Great words about a fabulous addiction I had as a kid! I loved this stuff and would spend hours pouring it in my hand and licking away pretending we were dogs on the plaza bench!

I got my just (or Unjust?) desserts when a few years later I became diabetic!

Clowncar said...

Glad you "love love LOVE" this, Mag. It was fun to write. Though I kept having to cut stuff because the poem kept swerving into a poem about addiction. Which is not as much fun as candy.

Moi, "pretending we were dogs on the plaza bench" is a very funny line.