Friday, April 18, 2008

Silly Dance

Because Mona asked.

And a poem:

Don't glance
as we dance
and prance
with ants
in our fancy

I didn't say it was a good poem.


Eric Shonkwiler said...

Didn't I see those two in Mothra?

Jo said...

They are so darling, they must walk all over you.

Victoria Gothic said...

Children, they appear so docile in pictures. My siblings are all the kid input I need. I have a brother who is soon to be 13, and two sisters of ages 8 and 9. They used to be much worse, but they’re growing out of it. My parents encourage them to be intellectual because, well, that’s what intellectual parents do, I assume; I teach them to be intellectual so I am not constantly enraged when they decide to speak- of all the things that I dislike, ignorance is No. 1.

But your kids seem nice. Funny thing- most people that know me think I’m wonderful with kids. It makes me laugh. But really, I would love to read them some Jane Austen, or Emily Dickinson, but then they would be talking about wanting dresses like all the women in Austen’s books and using words far beyond the normal vocabulary for a child their age; I think it would be worth it.

I can only assume that you did not read my lengthy digression on the physics of falling baseballs, which is understandable. It didn’t make much sense to me either.

Clowncar said...

Pretty funny, Eric. But it belies an unhealthy interest in Japanese monster movies. And I'm genuinely sorry about your dog. Been there. Still think about him, 40 years later.

Jo, they have me wrapped around their tiny, perfect little fingers.

They are nice, Vic. as for your baseballs in orbit comments, I did read it, agreed with some of it, disagreed with some (see above). But it was cool you gave it so much thought!

Mona Buonanotte said...

They are gorgeous! I hoped you joined their dance!