Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas After All, And After All A Good Night!

Sporadically, I give the Huxster "memory cookies" for Christmas and/or her birthday. It's an idea I stole from Joan Didion; friends told her they always forgot all the cute things their kids said and did when they were young, so her husband wrote them down on scraps of paper so they wouldn't forget them. So that's what I do (sort of, it's a word document I keep on our network so I can access it from anywhere in the house whenever the notion strikes). Then, come gift time, I write then on slips of construction paper and put them in a pretty bag or box or, in one case, a vintage metal Beatles lunch box.

We're up to 150-ish of them. Here's some picks from the latest batch:

Our eldest calling pre-kindergarten "prettygarden"

Miss Muffett eating her turds and whey

The New Hamster primary

In kindergarten we have hookers for our coats

Can Santa even see us when we’re naked?

Our youngest putting fake fingernails on her toenails

Calling their tongues "lickers"

Our eldest asking if her pimple was a new nipple

Our youngest riding down the street on her tricycle, yelling "Merry Christmas After All, And After All A Good Night!"


Eric Shonkwiler said...

Very cute. Remind me of this in about ten years.

Hilary said...

Those are adorable, and pretty much what I did with my own sons' saying and mis-sayings. It's great to keep track of those things as they're easily forgotten otherwise, though you'd think you'll never forget them at the time. Thanks for the warm smiles. :)

Hilary said...

Oops.. hit that button too soon.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year is your best ever.

Daisy said...

What Hilary said about the thinking you will remember them (because really, they are just so darn clever and cute, how could you EVER forget them?) and then realizing that just a day later you have indeed forgotten. ANd it's like kid drawing -- it's a phase that goes away and is missed

Hurrah for you!

Clowncar said...

I will, E.

Hill, great minds think alike! I really enjoyed going through your memories of your son. "Take me out to the hallway" is very funny.

Hurrahs right back atcha, Dayzee. Those dolls you made for class gifts for your boys rocked.