Monday, February 9, 2009

Health Care Reform

My youngest, after skinning her knee while riding her scooter, told me, "If people were made of fur on their insides they wouldn't get hurt."

Instead of being made of, you know, bones and blood and lungs and stuff.

She does have a point.


Nancy Dancehall said...

But think of the tangles and the hairballs and stuff.

I do like her point though.

Irrelephant said...

And the whorfing...

Hilary said...

Kids always do. :)

But yeah, I was thinking of furballs too. ;)

Clowncar said...

Didn't think of hairballs, D'Ancehall. I was a little enchanted with the image of everyone walking around stuffed with fur, like teddy bears.

And, yes, Irr, the more unsavory parts of the image, like all those cute teddy bears whorfing up hairballs all over the sidewalk, didn't occur to me.

But it seems, Hil, that hairballs occurred to everyone but me. I can be a little oblivious to the downside of charming ideas.

jackie said...

would you really have a hairball if there were no digestive system to speak of, though? i am not sure i buy it.