Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Every Changing Shape

No one knows if there is life on Mars, but the planet itself sure behaves like a living thing, displaying a startling variety of faces.  Puts me in mind of that wonderful TS Eliot line: "I must borrow every changing shape to find expression."

Maybe we need to broaden our definition of life.

This first one, reminiscent of zebra stripes, of tattoos, is from the sand dunes in the middle latitudes.

This one is from one of the poles, right after an avalanche, which evidently accounts for the variations in color.  Looks less like a landscape than a painting of a landscape.  Feels like you could dive right in to those deep blues. 

Got these at either Space Gizmo or Bad Astronomy, don't remember which; they've been in my pocket awhile.  Ultimately, of course, they are from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.


Laurita said...

Amazing. They look like paintings.

Fresca said...

"Maybe we need to broaden our definition of life."

This reminds me of the original Solaris--the moving ocean planet with consciousness.

slommler said...

Beautiful...they do look like paintings! Thanks!

Clowncar said...

That second one in particular, Laurita. Like watercolor, even.

I must see the original, Fresca. I'm a big Soderburg fan, but I get the sense (from you and others) he didn't do Solaris justice.

They ARE paintings, SueAnn. The medium is sand and nice. The artist is time. And wind. And water.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

SO fantastic! Love those!

Wish we could go visit them; touch, explore, examine, play. BE there.
Perhaps someday.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore