Monday, July 5, 2010

Crazy Eyeballs

I have another flash up at Everyday Weirdness: Feral. I like this one. Kinda Twilight Zone-y. In a good way.

Started a long short story this weekend, so no more flash fiction for awhile. May be the start of something longer.

We went to the city fireworks this weekend. The music was some pleasantly bland new-age-y thing, and while I prefer old school marches, the fireworks themselves more than made up for it. Several kinds I'd never seen before. Very delicate, less over-the-top bombastic than what I'm used to. Which might explain the musical choice.

When we got back home we lit our own fireworks with a few of the neighborhood kids. Sparklers and small fireworks we bought at a tent earlier in the day (my favorite is something called Crazy Eyeballs). Hux and I lit them, with five kids dancing and screaming in the noise and light and smoke. A small perfect moment. You could almost feel the folds of your brain storing the memory.

Six years ago, on July 2nd, the girls came to our house. Being so close to the 4th, there were loud fireworks in the dark that night, and the next several nights. I cannot fully imagine how frightening that must have been, a strange new house, with strange new parents, and loud noises outside the windows as they slept. They cried. Of course they cried. Wouldn't you?

Things are better now, but shadows of those fears remain. After the front yard fireworks our youngest had an angry meltdown, no doubt from all the excitement of the long day. She had to be calmed down and consoled before we put her to bed. It's alright. We held her, sang her a few songs. 500 Miles. Blowing in the Wind. I carried her up the stairs. We tucked her into bed. Good night.


Laurita said...

Great story, like the start of a whole new urban legend. "did you hear the one about the guy who met this girl..."

slommler said...

Yes the 4th is definitely a noisy holiday for sure!! And it does end up being a long hot for a little one...that is system overload. Pets don't do well during the 4th either. They are usually terrified by all the noise! Poor things!

ArtSparker said...

Sweet story, heh. Did I recommend "The Lost Books of the Odyssey" to you?

Clowncar said...

Laurita, it is a dream of mine to create my own urban legend. I have one about homeless and shopping carts I actually tried to start once. Alas....

Sue Ann, when I lived in Brooklyn (which is like Beirut on the 4th) vets would actually prescribe sedatives for dogs because they got so stressed by the noise. Too bad they don't do that for kids :).

Art, you have not, but it's on the list. It's a long list. BTW, Blogger has been eating comments on my blog too, apparently.

Sarah Sometimes said...

Thank you for this good night story.

Clowncar said...

You are welcome Sarah. Good night. Sweet dreams.