Tuesday, December 28, 2010

С Новым Годом

Not sure if it's Santa or Father Time (his watch says midnight, which points to the latter). Either way, С Новым Годом to you all.

The pic is a Soviet era Christmas card, reprinted by Roscomos, the Russian space agency. I learned about them from always excellent Space Gizmo. More cards are here.

I'll post in the new year. I really will.


Hilary said...

Ha, fun. And С Новым Годом right back at you!

Fresca said...

There you are! I was just about to write and see if all is well.
I LOVE Soviet space kitsch!
Onward to 2011...

Gwilym Williams said...

And here I was thinking it was a greeting in Martian:


Translator's note: All the best for 2011 from vingor

Clowncar said...

You as well, Hil. Hope you had an excellent Christmas.

I am well, Fresca, and enjoyed not mentally transcribing blog posts in my mind as I lived my life, but merely living. Thank you so much for such a colorful card. The page about Dr. Oort is taped on the wall of my office.

Gwil: _)(%@!*&$&. Translation: right back atcha!

Fresca said...

"mentally transcribing blog posts"
I do that too. That's a major reason I have to stop blogging when I'm trying to write something serious for work--my brain keeps transcribing!

I'm tickled to think of Dr. Oort on your wall.

Happy New Year!
I love the sun photo you posted today.