Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A great name for a zombie repellent, innit?

First things first: during my vacation from blogging in December, the zombie satellite came back to life. It's power supply fully drained, it died, then unexpectedly rebooted and came back to life. Ah, sweet resurrection! Sadly, my dreams of an interstellar apocalypse are now dashed.

I perfected my Alan Rickman impression during the Christmas break. Huzzah! The trick, it turns out, is not to try and ape his performance as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies, which is surprisingly difficult, but rather to hearken back to his dizzyingly effective work as the bad guy in the first Diehard, specifically when he pulls down the sweatshirt of the dead guy and reads "Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho." It's on Youtube, but embedding is disabled; seek it out, you can play at home!

I wrote last week about how my Dad is part of a crowd-sourcing find-a-grave community. Fresca commented that crowd-sourcing maked her feel optimistic about the human race. I'd agree. Here's more proof: KY Tunstsall asked her fans to recreate the music tracks behind her song "Glamour Puss" and submit them via Youtube. The result is a mash-up - video and audio - of their efforts. All that's left is her original vocal track; the music is all crowd-sourced. Pretty cool. Plus, she's kinda cute. Be sure and look for the guy playing the carrot.


Maggie said...

I love that kind of stuff. That's the stuff we never see on the evening news.

Hilary said...

That was fun. And were you part of that collaboration?

John Romeo Alpha said...

The guy with the carrot is heita3, one of my all-time youtube favorites. He's a wonder with musical vegetables.


Clowncar said...

Maggie, you mean like the crop circles found in Asian rice paddies?

Hil, I wish I had been. Had I known about it, I woulda contributed a didgeridoo track.

Cool, John, thanks for sharing that. Does he have any how-to vids on youtube. Cuz I'd love to make a zucchini flute.

Fresca said...

Along these same lines, I added Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir to my book.

My chapter on the Internet is definitely starry eyed. Maybe I need to add a neo-Nazi site or something to balance it...