Monday, March 14, 2011

Grace and Commerce

I'll lift the veil of vagueness just a bit here, to let some light into the past couple of posts, and my glancing references to wolves in the darkness.

We took our youngest to the doctor last week. She hopped up on my lap, and later Hux's lap, and told the doctor what was going on. She said what she had to say calmly, without fear, without confusion, without self-pity. She told it succinctly, and accurately, and well.

She became in that moment our role model, in terms of facing the vagaries of the future with grace and strength.

We will do our best to emulate her.

And with that, we're going to D1sneyland! It's Spring break, and things just fell into place to make it happen. Hux and I have mixed feelings about giving money to the mega-corporate monument to commerce that is D1sney (one of the first presents I ever gave her was Carl Hiassen's anti-D1sney diatribe "Team Rodent: How D1sney Devours the World") but who knows when we'll get the chance again?

We'll be staying with a friend of mine from my wild and reckless NYC days. He's a very talented writer and actor (here's his blog). I directed him in a handful of shows back in those heady days. They were good shows. We work well together. And he and his wife are opening up their house to our traveling circus of a family. For a week!

Thanks, Clif and Angela.

Bookending the week are the road trips there and back, cutting through New Mexico and Arizona. I'm looking forward to those drives as much as I am our destination. Blue southwestern skies, endless highways, greasy spoon diners, roadside motels.

All roads lead to the sea.


Gwilym Williams said...

There are lots worse things than Disney.

I remember my Donald Duck toothbrush with some affection. My brother had a Mickey Mouse toothbrush.

Kids remember stuff.

Hilary said...

Give that child a huge hug.. on more than ordinarily would, that is.

And enjoy your holiday.

Laurita said...

The first part of your post put a lump in my throat.

From afar, the big D looks evil, but up close it's impossible not to have fun. Enjoy.

Gwilym Williams said...

Good news!

I just discovered on that we have an unusual opportunity to see Mercury this week. It'll be 5th brightest 'star' and it will be near to Jupiter.

There's a picture on the website showing where to find it.

Most times it's much too difficult to see, with it being near the Sun.

Sarah Sometimes said...

Sending love to all. And have fun on the rides. (And on the long ride--the road trip.)

Clowncar said...

Gwil. Kids remember stuff. Indeed. figuring out what they actually will remember is the tough bit.

Lotsa hugs to go around, Hil. We told her how proud we were of her - her bravery, her strength.

Laurita, a friend told me to just surrender to the big D, and we'll stick with her advice.

Hey again, Gwil. I've only seen Mercurt 3 or 4 times in my life. Too cloudy to catch it this time around.

We will have some Big Fun, I promise, Sarah. On rides and off.