Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Simile of the week

Slightly paraphrased, from Marisha Pessl's "Special Topics in Calamity Physics."

"Her perfume hung in the air like a battered pinata."

I just love that.

In other news, this can't be good.

The article states that "Britain's grey squirrel population is being overrun by mutant black squirrels say researchers from Cambridge. The mutants are more aggressive and highly territorial, but so far have not exhibited any special powers - such as the ability to walk through trees or teleport acorns. But the possibility that they are raising a clone army to wage war on the greys has not yet been completely ruled out."

And here I was, worrying about the economy.


Maggie said...

OMG I've passed that woman! Many times.

I knew squirrels were evil.

meno said...

We had black squirrels when i lived in Colorado, but they had big ears with tufts. They were badass and used to chase my cat.

Irrelephant said...

EXCELLENT! Mutant, eh? I've got three blacks now in my numberless population of cat squirrels and red squirrels around here. It started out last summer as a single jet black male, "Le Tree Rat Noir," then it seems one of the ladies had a hankering for some strange. This summer we've three. Mutants. *lmao*

Nancy Dancehall said...

I hear they're in league with the zombies...

Clowncar said...

Mag, squirrels are Satan's lapdogs. It's just that simple.

Meno, the squirrels around here eat our newly carved Halloween pumpkins days after they are set out. Either they are hungry, or they are critics.

"Hankering for some strange" made me smile, Irr. As did "Le Tree Rat Noir." What's a cat squirrel? Is that a real thing?

Nancy, they aren't in league with zombies, they are the zombies! Keep watching the skies! Keep watching the skies!.