Monday, March 15, 2010


Okay.  New day, new week, new attitude.  Back on the horse.  I'll sell this thing yet.  And if I don't I'll sell the next one.

What turned my mood around: work.  This weekend was warm and sunny, and since our yard was looking rather Tom Joad-ish, we attacked the lawn for the first time since moving in.  Tore down the goldfish pond that was in the middle of the back yard, so now we have enough room for whiffle ball (we are still accepting names for the stadium, by the way).  Raked out the dirt so it was level.  Used the bricks to make the beginnings of a raised bed for flowers in front of the house.  Built a compost heap, and half-filled it with raked grass and leaves.  Created a large heap of trash to take to the dump in the near future.  I love going to the dump. 

That night the lil hux made a homemade pizza with the girls, and we ate outside on the back patio as the sun set, with a fire going in the clay stove for warmth.  A lovely end to a good day.

I'd post a picture, but I was too tired to take one.

Next step: planting drought-resistant xeriscape grass.  Fun.


Nancy Dancehall said...

I vote for Toho Music Corporation. It's got a real ring to it.

Gordo said...

The dump is one of the most underrated entertainment facilities on the planet.

I certainly can't top Nancy's suggestion.

Hilary said...

Sounds the a good end to the day.

slommler said...

My hubby loves going to the dump as well!! I can take it or leave it. Sounds like you made some good progress on your yard....I know that good feeling!!

ArtSparker said...

Physical labor can be good for the spirit , reminds us that we're not just a brain and hands hooked up to a monitor. A good time to get started on the year...will you grow vegetables?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Nice work! You're really getting an early start, but that's good. Weather here is volatile at best in March. Take it when you can get it.

We'll see some photos of it soon enough, I am sure. Before and afters are always fun to do.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Clowncar said...

It does have a ring to it, Nance. I'l have my people contact their people.

Ah, yes, Gordo. The dump. I really dig those giant machines that compact the trash into the ground. Wheels bigger than my car.

Actually, Hil, the very end of the day was watching a Harry Potter movie together. Scary! But yes, a very good day.

SueAnn, men are drawn to dumps like moths to a flame.

Arty, yes, we'll grow mostly vegetables. Tomatoes. Peppers. Carrots. Beans. Mmmmm.

Scarlett, it was a perfect weekend. As opposed to, say, this coming one. Enjoy the snow!

Lil Hux said...

no doubt about it, Jeff it should be named Kay stadium!