Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Bad photo. Lovely sight.

My favorite night skyscape is the crescent moon and Venus hanging in an evening sky. I like the rhythm of it, the way it occurs in bunches, Venus and crescent together for two or three nights in a row, then gone for a month, then back. And after a few months Venus will go away for awhile, loiter as a morning star for as long as a year. But it always comes back. And the whole dance begins again.

Had a long, difficult day yesterday. Being greeted by this sight at the end of it all made me better.


Hilary said...

Not a bad photo and a lovely treat, indeed. I like your cosmic dance.

I hope today is better.

Jasmine said...

Venus is so captivating. I can see why difficulties fall away at this cosmic sight.

Clowncar said...

Yes it is, Hilary. Thank you for asking.

Hey Jasmine, thanks for visiting! The night sky in general is calming to me, but Venus seems like an old friend. Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.

Margaret said...


*brain explodes inwardly*
I was just thinking about the ;


Margaret said...

Permission to re-post, sir?

Clowncar said...

OMG! OMG! That is so very cool, and I hadn't noticed at all.

Permission granted, yeoman.

p.s. - that is the first time I've ever typed OMG. it was so fun I did it twice.

Margaret said...

For having a hand in this most sacred first time, I feel accomplished, like a Jesuit who's just gained a convert.

Clowncar said...

It was the all caps that made it so thrilling.

Margaret said...


slommler said...

Here's hoping that this day will be terrific!!! Loved the cosmic dance and the pic!
Congrats on the POTW

Laurita said...

My nine year old said it looked like the moon was hung up by a string with a thumb tack. I think it's a beautiful picture.

I hope you have better days ahead.

Daryl said...

Congrats on the POTW mention from Hilary .. you have a great blog!

Land of shimp said...

I'm glad things got better, Clowncar and I think the photograph is a good one. Don't we get the best star gazing skies out here? It's the altitude, I know but still it never ceases to amaze.

I wonder if somewhere out there, someone looks into a night sky on a distant planet, living an entirely different sort of life, after a difficult day and sees us shining back. Hard to say, isn't it? Although I think other forms of life are something of a mathematical-probability.

Fun to think about, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

They really are lovely just hanging out there in the dark, night sky. I've never captured a great night sky shot.. it's on my bucket list.

Congrats on the POTW from Hilary. Isn't she wonderful?

The Blue Ridge Gal

Joanna Jenkins said...

Lovely photo. Congrats on your POTW from Hilary.

Clowncar said...

My day was great today, SueAnn. Venus did the trick!

Laurita - a moon thumbtacked to the sky. Very cool.

Thank you Daryl, and thanks for visiting.

Shimp! I lived in NYC before moving to Colorado, so my love of the night sky was theoretical, since you couldn't actually see the sky. Much better now - the stars are part of my everyday life.

Snappy, thank you for the kind words. I's love to learn how to do astrophotography some day. I once took a picture of the moon by sticking the camera up to the lens of the telescope and hitting the button. Pretty primitive.

Thank you Joanna. The sight certainly is lovely. The photo, not so much.y

Shayna Prentice said...

This is one of the most wonderful sights to see in the sky, ever, I think. So simple and pure and strong. And what a very cool new header image! Glad to see that you had a better day after the long difficult one. (The soothing balm of the moon and planet ~.~)

Clowncar said...

It is, Shayna. Simple and strong and pure describe it exactly. Plus the whole pattern of returning, receding, returning. The cycles themselves are balm.

ArtSparker said...

Real rests seem to just come as moments -

Laura said...

i agree, i have been admiring this as well. beautiful.