Monday, June 14, 2010

Rambling (+ Zombies)

I cleaned and organized my shed this weekend.  I cannot overstate how much satisfaction this gave me.

Mets swept the hapless Orioles this weekend.  First to last to first to last to second place.  Like being on a pogo stick.

Do they make pogo sticks anymore?  Are they considered too dangerous for children, and gone the way of the lawn dart?

Because I'd really like one.

I'd also like a didgeridoo, and have asked the Hux for one for my birthday.  We shall see.

Enough rambling.  Here's some very dramatic video of the problem-plagued Japanese Hayabusa Asteroid explorer returning to Earth over Australia this morning.  The fireball is the probe burning up in the atmosphere; the little dot below and to the right is the hardened bit that contains asteroid samples.  It was recovered in the Australian outback this morning.

So, if things go all Andromeda Strain on us, and the zombie apocalypse begins, you'll know where it came from.


ArtSparker said...

My sister has a didgeridoo, the dog sings along when it is played.

Gordo said...

A didg is cool, but it would just sit around in my house gathering dust. Good luck.

That's some impressive video, I must say. Nice of the Japanese to dump their space garbage over Australia, too. I wonder if it's anywhere near SpaceLab? ;-)

Rudi said...

Cool video.

Anyone else read "In a Sunburned Country" by Bill Bryson? Australia is deadly, it doesn't need zombies to help that along. Heck, the zombies may well meet their match.

On second though zombie spiders or zombie killer jelly fish are even scarier!

slommler said...

I miss Lawn Darts! I loved playing that game.

meno said...

I have a pogo stick that i bought a few years ago. I would encourage you to get one. It's hard to worry when you are bouncing around like a fool.

Clowncar said...

How cool of your sister, Art. and her dogs, of course. I'm guessing our herd of cats will merely slink away, highly annoyed.

You mean it'll gather dust on the shelf just like my theremin, Gordo? Actually I don't own a theremin. But if I did, it would be gathering dust, I'm sure. Just as my didge soon will be (hopefully).

I haven't, Rudi, though I have read A Walk in the Woods - hilarious book. Those Australian spiders would probably find zombies to be a tasty snack.

I've never played lawn darts, Sue Ann. I have to wonder at the wisdom of someone designing a game where you fling large pointy darts across the yard.

Meno - you mean worry about anything other than falling off the pogo stick.

Hilary said...

If you can master playing the digeridoo while hopping on a pogo stick, we'll just have to see a video of that.

Margaret said...

Maybe the didgeridoo will work like an anti-whistle for the zombies and keep them away.

Shayna Prentice said...

Pogo sticks are great fun! (stilts, too.) Wishing you a Happy Birthday, CC!

Clowncar said...

Or maybe, Margaret, it will summon a bad-ass marsupial army to keep the zombies at bay.

Shayna! Stilts! My Dad built me some of those when I was a kid. Looks like I have a new project. Thanks for the b-day wishes. It's still a few weeks away.

Land of shimp said...

They do still make pogo sticks, if you can even believe it in our safety-obsessed society!

In fact, I've brought you footage of the most recent incarnation: The Extreme Pogo Stick

Yeah, I'd kill myself dead with that in about three seconds flat. I think I pulled something just looking at it.

Clowncar, in a funny coincidence my husband and I have a long running joke about Zombies, just your basic "Kissing your arm, kissing your arm! *MUNCH* Some Zombie-ism may occur." kind of thing.

We each blame the other for the initial Zombie infection. My husband is in Florida this week, visiting with his family (and I wisely stay home) but I did call and leave him a one word message yesterday:

"Bbbbbrrrrraaaaaaiiinnnnnsss." just to let him know I miss him :-)

Clowncar said...

Oh, my Lord, Shimp. Extreme pogoing. Just watching it makes my back hurt.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I have a friend who is in charge of handling the Zombie Apocalypse and she takes it very seriously... so we're all set. We'll bring you and the family along, and everyone will be fine.

There are didgeridoo's at the Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur every weekend between now and the end of August. Take the girls and have a great time. So worth the fun; if even just for the elephant and camel rides, and you can go home with that wooden instrument you want. :)

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Clowncar said...

didgeridoos at a Renaissance Fair. doesn't seem too historically accurate. unless you can pretend those giant turkey legs are actually kangaroo legs.