Friday, June 20, 2008


Mona, of the Barbaric Yawp, tells us yet again that the word of the week is Deja vu.

this all seems so familiar, she thinks to herself
looking across the expanse of just mopped hardwood floor
the curtain wrestling lazily with the breeze
the cat flicking her tail in and out of a shaft of sun
the note placed neatly on the kitchen table

she actually speaks it aloud: so familiar, she says
before kicking the chair out from under her feet
the startled cat bolts from the room
the note glides gently to the spotless floor
the curtain dances on, oblivious


Nancy Dancehall said...


meno said...

That really works. I didn't expect it to be going where it went.

Mona Buonanotte said...


Great image. Like a movie.

Sarah Sometimes said...


Irrelephant said...

Yup. Just beat the pants off my lame entry. *g* Well done, old bean.

Noel said...

Love the picture.

And I hate deja vu. I hate when I experience it because I feel that one day I'll portend my own death and experience it through deja vu.

Clowncar said...

Thanks Nance. My first palindrome comment!

Meno, thanks as well. I was using alot of gentle imagery there in the first stanza in an attempt to make the second stanza that much more of a surprise.

It's a pretty visual poem, Mona. No doubt a therapist would tell me I'm hiding deeper feelings by focusing on the visual surfaces of things. Good thing I'm not in therapy, eh?

I live for spooky, Sarah.

Irr, please don't ever refer to your pants, or them coming off, in my blog again. Old bean.

Noel, I'm generally pretty fond of any mental hiccups my poor old brain offers up. There's a version of deja vu called deja visite (where a place seems uncannily familiar) that happens to me quite often, and I find it a thrilling, slightly out-of-control sensation.