Monday, January 5, 2009


The girls have somehow learned about burglars, and so of course are scared of them. They now pepper us with all sorts of interesting questions about them at bedtime. How do they get in? Do they steal children? Will they come into our house?

When I answered "no" to the last question, my youngest asked, and this is verbatim, "Is that because you'll cut them up and throw them in a hole?" Yikes! More yikes-worthy is that I actually wanted to answer yes for a second, so as to appear as the Conqueror Dad to them. But I quickly came to my senses and merely told them, "I promise burglars won't come into our house. You don't have to worry."

It's kind of a lie. I can't promise that. But what are you gonna do?


Gordo said...

You're re-assuring your girls. That's all you can do. :-)

meno said...

You have no other choice, i think, than to tell them they are safe.

Other than buying a big gun that is. :)

Clowncar said...

Yeah I know, Gordo. But i finished lying to them about Santa, and now I'm lying about burglars.

Already have the gun, Meno. Though as it is in tne house and the bullets out in the shed, threatening a burglar with it might be a little problematic.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Aw. She's just channeling her Auntie Dancehall.

paula said...

Soon enough, they'll learn how dangerous the world really is. No hurry in that. That's my opinion.

Mutha said...

When I feel like I'm lying by saying nothing bad will happen -- I say -- "That's something for the grown-ups to worry about -- not the kids."

Sometimes it really does the trick.