Monday, January 12, 2009

Wolf Moon

Met my first blogger in person (except for Dancehall, who I've known for at least a couple lifetimes, it seems). Eric from My Heart's Porch came through our corner of the southwest on his way back from Monument Valley. He brought a fellow traveler with him, who we will call the Rock Star, as that is exactly how the little clowncars treated her. It was like having Hannah Montana in the house (except she's not a registered trademark of Disney; always a plus). She has a great love of bad horror movies, so she fit right in.

They were cold and tired and hungry from spending the previous night in 17 degree weather sans tent (they did have sleeping bags), and it felt good to be able to offer them tamales and green chile and a warm place to sleep. We drank a little bourbon, talked a little writing. We agree on a great deal (Cormac McCarthy, Marilynne Robinson, Hemmingway), disagree on a little (Don DeLillo, Annie Proulx). I attempted to turn him on to TC Boyle, he attempted to turn me on to Nick Acosta.

The subject of God and randomness made a brief but notable appearance, late in the evening, as it tends to do.

All told, it was Big Fun.

Sadly, the meeting was marred when I savagely beat him in Wii tennis, bowling, and baseball, back to back to back. He tried to hold it together, and almost succeeded, but his anguished, wrenching sobs filled the empty halls of our home as he cried himself to sleep that night. He was wearing an eyepatch the next morning. He said his eyes were bothering him, but clearly it was the result of psychic wounds sustained the previous evening.

We've fallen off the full moon wagon the last few months, so it was nice to go out as a family and see the first full moon of the new year, the wolf moon, this Saturday. It was also the biggest full moon of the year.

Though in my view, they're all pretty big.

The symmetry of having the setting sun at my back, just as the full moon rises, never fails to impress.


Eric Shonkwiler said...

I'm trying to remember a story that deals with someone fighting a man and taking his eye. Damn. Seems like, he wanted to fight the guy, and to even a score he cut his eye out? Someone Google my head, please.

I plucked it out, lest it offend me. Kept seeing you waving that Wiimote around. Don't forget that I beat you once, though.

Hilary said...

Sounds like a lovely time. I've met a number of online folks and have never been disappointed.

Victoria Gothic said...

The moon is big this time of year. I'll be heading home from classes (which is usually in the afternoon since that's how my schedule worked out) and instead of a small glowing orb hanging in the sky, I see this massive yellowish disc plowing into the treeline. Who needs light to see outside anymore?

Clowncar said...

Sounds like Flannery O'Conner, E. And I sense googling your head would be a rather frightening experience.

It was alotta fun, Hil.

Almost blinding, wasn't it Vic?

Anonymous said...

He was hoping to hide his shame behind that eyepatch, but you had to let the whole world know, didn't you? For shame!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Aw! Love you too. :-)

There's something about meeting a fellow blogger. It's exactly like running into an old friend you've never met. Hey, like you and me!