Tuesday, July 28, 2009

His head at one point was actually much larger.

I'm living in the family room right now, while I recover. TV. Wii. Radio. Bathroom close by. The cats wander around the fold out bed, their tails sticking up in the air like exclamation marks. When they find something curious to sniff at, their tails curl slightly, become question marks. It's fitting (pun incoming) that they look like punctuation, because after my operation (pun imminent) I now have a semi-colon (pun released).

Long way to go for a joke, I realize.

The time in the hospital was surprisingly painless. The morphine was the worst part. Just awful. Made me dizzy, nauseous, agitated, unable to stay awake. My current drugs are seriously lightweight by comparison, but much more pleasant. They'll do the trick.

During the first stages of the post-op, I felt very much like a ship at port, as they slowly untied the anchors, one by one. First the morphine epidural, then the Catheter That Shall Not Be Named, then the oxygen, finally the IV. The last day, being able to walk around without trailing three or four tangled lines trailing behind me was such an incredibly liberating feeling.

I've lost about five pounds. My kids are convinced my head has gotten smaller, and bring it up daily. Large actually told the nurse, and this is verbatim, "His head at one point was actually much larger."

Nice to be home.


meno said...

I am both feeling quite sorry for you and laughing at the title.

Head shrinking, it happens.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


That's hilarious!! The big head part.
Not the surgery.

I hope that you are back up and running again very soon, with all of your punctuation in tact.
You have things to write and a house to settle into.

My best to you.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Hilary said...

Poor Clowncar.. sounds like you've been through a lot. I shall refrain from any planetary puns.. but damn, it'll be difficult! ;)

Sending best thoughts for speedy healing. :)

Laurita said...

I admire someone who can look at their situation with such a sense of humour. Hope you are feeling much better.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I like your taste in movies. To answer your question, I had two pieces of at 6S; one in February called "Winter Dusk", and another in April called "Writer's Block." I very much enjoyed your piece.

Clowncar said...

Actually, meno, my head feels big as a balloon right now, but that's prpbably just the pain pills talking.

Thanks, Scarlett. I started writing again today, actually. 700-ish words, which isn't bad for a first day back.

Gotta be hard for you to refrain, Hil. After all, your puns put me in stitches.

I am feeling much better, Laurita. Glad you stopped by. Just read "Winter Dusk" - nice. "walking alone toward dark and quiet houses" is lovely phrasing.

Sarah Sometimes said...

Glad you're home and on the mend! Sounds comforting to have the cats wandering around imitating punctuation marks...