Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh Really?

At the dinner table this weekend, Large told Small (and this is as nearly verbatim as memory permits), "I know where babies come from. Mommy gets in bed with Daddy. And I'm not gonna tell you what happens after that, because it's disgusting."

We would've corrected her, but were too busy laughing.


meno said...

She's right though, it is disgusting, unless you are a participant!

Laurita said...

Hilarious! You just never know what they are going to say.

Hilary said...

Give that kidlet a hug for me.. she made me laugh.

Gordo said...

There was a bit of a discussion about a similar conversation on CBC radio this afternoon. It involved a kid learning about it at school and coming home to proclaim it disgusting to her parents. ;-)

Clowncar said...

And even then, meno.

Laurita, every sentence outta their mouths is an adventure.

Consider that hug given, Hil.

Should I be expecting a royalty check from CBC, Gordo?