Thursday, September 3, 2009

If Lewis Carroll Wrote Spam

So. I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about the Japanese spacecraft Kaguya crashing into the moon (on purpose), and the folk story of Kaguya, the bamboo princess. A few days later I started getting spam in the comments. Japanese spam. Now, I deeply love observing the bizarre Joyce-ian nonsense that spammers use to get past spam filters, and having to use Google translate to decipher it adds to the fun.

The second one I got even had me constructing scenarios involving runaway Japanese girls kidnapped by unscrupulous ne'er-do-wells trying to get a "help" message out through the blogosphere. Here it is, translated:

Young people on board ran away from home has been recently introduced in the media has been runaway girl wrote a number of messages that stay the local cafes in walking across the country. They are going to play as soon as I met a man I have no money on board. Why even write you back an answer?

Interesting, eh? Sadly, the subsequent comments have been mostly nonsense, with vague allusions to sex. Today's:
I simple and once your diagnosis SM, SM checker checks the tendency was once hidden! That girl is a serious and night S De Queen, there is a desire to want to be Me and him actually a tsundere Idi! fun tool no mistake that everyone gets off and drinking comparator.

Oddly, there are no links or phone numbers or email addresses to lure you to. Just nonsense. It's like Lewis Carrol has given up the priesthood and devoted his days to writing spam.

Anyway. If you see Word Verification turned on one of these days, it means I've grown bored with the whole thing. But I can't bring myself to do it just yet.


Daisy said...

The Japanese web bots are following your blog. Mothra would be pleased.

meno said...

Please to be taking your boiling schoolgirls with mullets to no way the zoo.

And furthermore, to be knowing that money inside is worth knowing you.


Eric Shonkwiler said...

Just so you know, "suck" in a title will attract a lot of nasty spam.

Hilary said...

A lot of people are getting hit with that spam and turning to word verification.. which apparently doesn't help. In the past, I've been hit on post after post - some going back several months. Now I just keep moderation on for any posts over two weeks, and I get rid of it with one click. For some reason my "Urban Creatures" post attracts them all now. I would have never thought to run it through a translator though. Now that's funny. :)

Vulgar Wizard said...

"A crab steams
A crab cook’s whore dust
A crab bakes noodles made of green grams
Crab omelet"


"But me up
The karma violation pad"


"To a visitor of the lodging
Give it to a visitor of the lodging in this shop
A toothbrush going down is a thing made in Japan.
Please use it in peace.
Thanking you in advance.
Hotel Asian Garden"

My, Engrish IS fun, isn't it?

Maggie said...

Meno took the words right out of my mouth...ha, not really, I'm not that clever.

so you're collecting spametry? that would make an interesting chapbook

Clowncar said...

Daisy, my life is ruled by 4 words: What Would Mothra Do? Glad he approves.

Is true Meno that not schoolgirl be blushing at doorknob catfish. So be delight big to see laughing donkey monkey.

Eric, I understand "increaae your pen1s size" attracts them as well. And yet I can't quit writing about it.

Hil, this is the first time I've ever gotten spam in the comments. And it's only on this post. I'm gonna see if it goes away on its own. I just hate to have to put on word verification.

Ms. Wizard, I suspect you had too much time on your hands this weekend.

Ah, Maggie, if only we were all as clever as Meno.

Vulgar Wizard said...

I usually do, CC.

ArtSparker said...

Someone in TaiWan has developed a program to leave 20 comments at one time WITH word verification enabled - why I now moderate comments.

Clowncar said...

Hey artspark. I'll keep that in mind.

Your Alice in Wonderland stuff on your blog is wonderful.