Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Under the Wire

It's been a missing summer, what with buying a new house, moving in, my operation, and my Mother-in-law's broken ankle (and subsequent surgery). So we've missed out on some summer staples like camping and Rockygrass.

But all is not lost: we went to the drive-in this weekend! Didn't think we were gonna be able to squeeze that one in. We saw the mildly diverting and utterly forgettable "Shorts." No matter, the drive-in is not about the movie. It's about playing catch til it gets too dark, about the pre-teens flirting at the concession stand, about everyone honking their horns impatient for the show to start, about the Twizzlers and the popcorn and the pleasure of seeing a movie in a lawn chair under a summer sky.

Better than the movie was the thunderstorm that came rolling in over the course of the show, louder and louder, brighter and brighter. We watched the last fifteen minutes huddled under the hatchback door, and drove home in pouring rain. By the time we pulled into the drive the storm was over.

Mercurial, this life of ours.


Hilary said...

Well that brings back memories. One of the last drive in movies I saw was during a wicked thunderstorm. Tornadoes touched down in nearby towns. But there was something thrilling about it all. I haven't been to one in ages. I should remedy that. :)

Gordo said...

We haven't taken the boys to our drive-in yet. I like to use it as an example of the anachronistic nature of Kingston: drive-ins have been demolished all over North America for years. Here, they added two more screens. :-D

Laurita said...

I miss the drive-in. We haven't had one here in years. This sure brought back memories. Great post.
(And thanks for your comment on my six. You are right about "bite" - that is what it was actually supposed to be. The "e" got lost somewhere.)

Sarah Sometimes said...

Mercurial indeed. Lovely post.

Lil Hux said...

I love reading your readers' posts and am delighted to see that there is a full moon this Friday. Your posts are just "overfloating"
with useful info!

Your drive-in movie queen,

Clowncar said...

Yes you should, Hil. I've witnessed quite a few summer thunderstorms at the drive-in. They are often better than the movie.

Gordo, every town I've lived in in Colorado - up to three now - has had a drive-in. And I've been to every one.

Laurita, thanks. And that missing "e" really ties your first line to your last line. Makes a good story even better.

Thanks Sarah. NYC has their version of the drive-in as I recall - those movies they show in the park next to the 42nd St. library.

Ah, Hucky. There's no one I'd rather share my twizzlers with than you.

Nancy Dancehall said...
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Nancy Dancehall said...

I don't know if you've seen it, but the one we all went to up here is now the site of apartments they can't rent due to overbuilding.

The sign is still up though, the marquee reading, "Now Showing! Great Apartments for Rent!" Sad, really.

(Joe's "Drive In" still haunts me. He's a generous, wonderful man, but I cannot read him anymore.)