Monday, August 24, 2009


We visited the 45 foot climbing wall at the new YMCA this weekend. Seriously Big Fun. Small made it to the top twice, and Large went all the way up so many times we lost count. Me? I got about a third of the way up until my still-recovering stomach muscles began complaining. They hurt all weekened, and are still barking a little today. Worth it? To quote Sarah Palin: you betcha!

This Sunday the Mets had two runners on, the winning run at the plate, when they hit into an unassisted triple play (where one guy makes all three outs, with no help) and lost yet again. Eric Bruntlett, the second baseman, caught the ball (out 1), stepped on 2nd base before the runner could return (out 2) and tagged the runner coming from 1st base (out 3).

To put this in context: this is only the second time in the 109 year history of baseball that a game ended with a triple play. The other time was in 1927*.

Halley's Comet is more common than a game-ending unassisted triple play.

I guess there is some satisfaction in that the Mets don't merely lose, but lose in epic, historical fashion.

Alright. I'm done venting. You may continue with your day.

*The baseball statistician in me requires me to add a footnote: there have been 15 unassisted triple plays in the 109 year old history of modern baseball, but only 2 of them were game-ending unassisted triple plays. It is the rarest play in all of baseball.


meno said...

You quoted Sarah Palin. I'm too horrified to comment.

Gordo said...

"Wow" just seems woefully inadequate here. Both the triple play and the Palin thing.

Anonymous said...

The climbing wall sounds fun! I would be right there with Large =P

That triple play is pretty impressive. Wish I could have seen it!

Clowncar said...

Meno, Barak Obama is trying to kill your Grandma! Oops, I quoted her again.

Gordo, losing a game via triple play prompted not "wow" so much as "oh, shit."

It would be Big Fun to watch you climb with the girls. You have an open invitation. Anytime.