Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Girls With Rainbow

We've had two rainbows this week, a result of the nearly daily mid-afternoon thunderstorms we get this time of year. Delightful. Me, la huquita and the little clowncars were basking in the cool breeze under the porch when this one reared its colorful head.


Lil Hux said...

Hey Hux, no comments on your beautiful children yet? I find that hard to believe, after all the praise you got for saving them from the abyss. They're both cute, and so is their dad!


Mutha said...

I had the great fortune of seeing a fantastic rainbow the other day with my kids and husband -- it was opposite a gorgeous sunset. Dang! That's the stuff!

Rudi said...

Beauty of Nature
Brings Smiles on a Rainy Day
Yeah, Rainbow Nice Too

Clowncar said...

Not as cute as you, my huckylicious one!

Nice to have you back on the intertubes, Mutha. Rainbows are sorta anti-sunsets, huh?

A sweet haiku, Rudi. And you're right, it did bring alotta smiles.

Hilary said...

Your girls are just gorgeous. How can that poor, beautiful rainbow possibly compete?