Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Dollar

Pedro takes the mound against the Evil Empire tonight. Might be the last time he takes the mound, ever. Worth a watch. He's made a career of taunting Yankee fans, so they'll be giving him the serious business tonight. Should be fun. Maybe he'll even push things to a game seven.

Got a flash fiction - Last Dollar - up at Fiction at Work. An early version of it appeared in this very blog, inspired by Mona's sadly departed word of the week.

What else? Broke 78K on the novel last night. Small lost a tooth yesterday, and I even remembered to play tooth fairy (I'm batting about .600 in that regard). The house sale slouches toward completion. They did their inspection, we approved their revisions. Closing is the day before Thanksgiving. Fitting.


Daisy said...

Big news galore!

In related tooth news, mine lost a molar day before yesterday. Then I found out the former MIL took it upon herself to kill the tooth fairy. [insert naughty words about her here]

Eric said...

Congrats, man. It's got more of a "Frank's Wild Years" feel than I remember. Very cool.

Noel said...

Very fitting about the close date. And yes. With the series--well. There's always next season, yes? I remember not too long ago when the biggest threat to the Stankees were based in Atlanta.
But that seems so long ago.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed "Last Dollar." Can't wait till the novel's ready for reading :)


Maggie said...

Congrats! I loved the short. I remember the first bit here. I like the finished product.

You're really ripping up the novel! Woot!

ArtSparker said...

I thought of "Frank's Wild Years" also. Oh, I wonder how this would fit in to the aspirational self-help genre...maybe he just didn't BELIEVE hard enough in the explosion.

Hilary said...

Congrats all around.

That tooth fairy business can be tricky. On those four times out of ten when she forgets, she's really just a clumsy ole thing. We always found her coinage beside, under or behind the bed the next morning after the distress call went out. Oh HERE it is! ;)

Clowncar said...

Ouch, Daisy. That's very nearly unforgivable. We take Fairycide very seriously over here in Clowncarland.

Never could stand that dog. Thanks for giving it a read, Eric.

Noel, there is always next year in baseball. For the Mets, I've been waiting for next year since 1986, but what are ya gonna do?

Thanks Ms. Rue. I'll be done with the thing by months end, I think. It's rather thrilling.

Thanks Mags. Sounds like you're going at your pretty hard as well. Kepp that classical music playing!

Arts, setting that fire did bad things for his car-ma, I'm sure.

My parents did that, Hil. At our house, the fairy just has a reputation for not being too on the ball. "Sometimes she forgets, honey. Let's try it again tonight."