Monday, November 2, 2009

Sundial Project Update

Met with two representatives from the city, and one from the Parks Dept., last Thursday on the sundial project. They were all very nice, very supportive. Most of the hoops I need to jump through now are reasonable ones: submit a letter of intent; give them a diagram to make sure I'm not digging up electrical lines, sprinkler pipes, etc.; and submit a list of all materials I will need. I'm awaiting a .pdf of the park itself so I can plop the diagram below on top of it, align it, and send it back to them.

I got the layout from a wonderful site in Denmark: Just put in your own longitude and latitude, print the result on graph paper, and you got yourself a blueprint. I love the fact that it's simply two flowing lines: an ellipse and a figure eight. The final product will be about 18 feet by 9 feet. 12 markers along the upper half of the ellipse. A 2 x 6 ft. slab for the figure eight.

Anyone wanna throw me a fancy-pants name a little more colorful than "the sundial project" I'd be delighted to hear it.


Hilary said...

Solar Shadow (Series) - but only if you can say it three times fast. ;)

Gordo said...

Cosmic Chronolator. ;-)

Clowncar said...

Hil, Gordo, excellent suggestions. I'm leaning toward Shadowclock.

Gordo said...

Given that it's a public installation, that's probably more appropriate. :-)