Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Not much to say. In the middle of many things. Nearing the end of a couple of two big undertakings (the New Novel and selling the old house) and at the beginning of another (the sundial). Gearing up for Halloween by making costumes for our Oz-obsessed daughters, who will be Glinda the Good Witch and Dorothy. Lil Hux and her Mom are doing the lion's share of the work. I'm in charge of the Glinda's wand and crown.

So, since clowncars and nature both abhor a vacuum, here's a trio of gorgeous images cherry-picked from the ever fascinating Space Gizmo. They are, in order, phytoplankton blooms off the coast of New Zealand, the ao-Rusyr caldera of the Kuril Islands in Russia, and the Tanezrouft Basin in Algeria. Thanks, Space Gizmo! I could look at this stuff all day.


Hilary said...

Calderas, basins and blooms - oh my!
Very cool. :)

This lion's share.. cowardly lions no doubt.

meno said...

How come no one ever wants to be the Wicked Witch? Too much trouble to paint themselves green i suppose.

That last picture is so amazing!

Clowncar said...

Hil, they are wonderful pictures, aren't they? I figured that your photog eye in particular would appreciate those.

Small wanted to be the Wicked Witch at first. Woulda been a alot easier - we already had the hat! A black cloak and some green paint. Alsa, she changed her mind.