Friday, October 2, 2009

6 Sentences

Got another piece up over at 6 Sentences I wrote in my head while mowing the lawn last weekend. Go read it now, I'll wait.

Other than that everyone over here is sick, so not much to report. Luckily, we have The Wizard of Oz to watch while we cough the day away.


Eric said...

Quite good, old chap.

Clowncar said...

Thanks. Spent a few days on that last sentence.

It's a metaphor for grief: the daughter's room is also an insect in amber. Sandra's trapped within the grief.

Anonymous said...

I like the piece as well. This is Beth, by the way :)

Clowncar said...

I was wondering who A Rue was. It is in keeping with your penchant for the cryptic reference.

Anonymous said...

I blame Eric, a little. I mean, it's not his fault, but it's fun to blame him.

The A stands for Antagonist, and the whole thing came out of me feeling I should have a generic username/handle. Not entirely sure how the rest of it came about. Following my brain patterns is dangerous and unseemly.