Monday, October 26, 2009

Pogue Mahone*

Saw a great Pogues concert this weekend with Tolstoy in Denver. It takes a lot to get me outta the house and to a real concert these days, but the toothless, drunken, and still brilliant Shane MacGowan was fronting the band again, so I went.

The place was like a huge crowed Irish bar. Everyone singing, dancing, hugging, fighting, surging, screaming. I've been to concerts before where the crowd was singing along - Springsteen comes to mind - but the singing was self-conscious, more like they were replaying the album in their head, or pretending to be a rock star. This was different. Singing as communion. What I'm guessing it must've been like to be at a bar or a beer hall before TVs, before jukeboxes, when all people had to entertain themselves was each other.

Here's one of my top ten songs of all time. Shane and the band look a lot older now. So do I.

*Kiss my ass in Gaelic.


ArtSparker said...

Oh my goodness - lucky you! And the Great Man back with the band (proving that he is still alive). I was listening to the Pogues' version of Danny Boy earlier.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Wow. He still has some teeth in that one.

Good thing I didn't go along. I would have just started a fight. Again. ;-)

Rudi said...

Shane is one of those people that every time you start to hear a story about him you think it could well be his obit.

Nancy: It would be worth getting beat by a girl to have a drink and a fight with you. Someday...
"before TVs, before jukeboxes, when all people had to entertain themselves was each other"

So, what's your party piece?

Gordo said...

If I Should Fall From Grace is on permanent rotation on my ipod. Hell's Ditch as well. :-)

Clowncar said...

Yeah, Arty, I was pretty lucky to see him. I bought the tickets 4 months ago - I was praying he'd stay alive long enough for me to get to see him.

No, Nancy. There were fights, but most of the guys were in "I love you, man" mode. And the girls were in classic hand-licking mode. Or one of them was, anyway.

Rudi, my party pieced is to allow myself to be entertained by others.

Gordo, I love both those songs. I have a Pogues mix in a dedicated slot on the car CD player.

Laurita said...

How cool! Irish culture is strong here and the music is everywhere. I love the Pogues. It must have been an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing.