Friday, April 10, 2009

Flocking Birds

This is just gorgeous. I found it on Slate, who found it on Jason Kottke's blog. I've watched it like five times. Be sure and have the sound up and hear some wonderful music form the Amelie soundtrack. The visuals and the music are eerily in synch.

Like Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz.

powerlinerflyers from wes johnson on Vimeo.

Also found on Kottke's blog: 10 steps to perform in case you accidently swallow a Higgs boson. Pretty funny.

Mets had their first loss yesterday. It is telling that the first hit Perez gave up was a three run homer. Yikes. What a frikkin head case.

Life is moving at a cheetah's pace. A decision on a home is imminent.


Hilary said...

Very cool. My cat jumped up onto my lap a split second before the birds all took off at the end. Added effect. ;)

I've added you to the list of pseudo books but I think I'm going to close that door behind you. Should still be a few days until the last of them are posted. Thanks for participating.

Noel said...

There's something magical about watching birds in flight and how they have their silent communication with each other. They are so in tune with each other that they can move as one unit, as one entity. This has always heartened me to think that maybe randomness isn't all that there is in the world. Maybe some things fall into place no matter what.

Nancy Dancehall said...

What Noel said. (Hi Noel.)

When I was a girl this was such a common sight back in Rockvalefordvilleton. I miss it. West Nile so devastated the bird population in Colorado, they are only now recovering. Have you noticed that? I remember an almost robinless summer.

(Sheesh. Ramble on, Dancehall.)

Clowncar said...

Can't wait, Hil. That is such a great idea.

Well put, Noel. Not that I'm jumping off the randomness train just yet. I guess what I take from it is that simple sets of behavioral cues (there's a gust of wind, the bird next to me just moved) can create just complex and beautiful structures.

You know, I hadn't noticed that, Nancy, but you're right. Those great flocks of birds from mine (and your) Midwestern upbringing just don't exist here in Co.. I had never made the connection with West Nile before.

Todd said...

Love it! No, I hadn't seen that before.

IrishBand does indeed play Irish music. We also play our own. Here's our web site:

We've been recording a lot lately, working on our CD.