Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Zen of Constant Motion

Quite the week at Casa de Clowncar.

We're officially under contract for the new house. Now what our realtor refers to as "the dance," where we bring inspectors in, and start fine tuning the deal.

Our current house goes on the market Monday. We're ready. And realistic; we won't sell it for months, most likely.

I went to Grand Junction to teach a two-day web design workshop (which went very well), but a freak April snowstorm closed Vail Pass and trapped me in the mountains Friday night. Bored and lonesome. Drank the better part of a six-pack, watched some baseball, then Star Wars I (a dreadful movie, but the spaceships are cool)(and the Anakin Skywalker backstory has some genuine mythic heft to it).

Drove a hellish, white knuckle coupla hours over Vail Pass the next morning, dodging semis and reckless SUVs in the snow and ice and slush. Scary. Had some good road trip music at top volume to help me through: Tom Petty, James McMurtry (Larry's son), Michelle Shocked, Talking Heads, Robert Earl Keen.

Got home Saturday afternoon. Spent Sunday readying the house for show. And not eating. Because tomorrow is, once again, the operation that I will not name but which rhymes with "zolonoscopy." Fun.

The coming two weeks are just as busy.

Gonna be a wild ride. Oddly, kinda looking forward to it. Stay tuned.


meno said...

Well, at least the drugs they give you are good!

Eric Shonkwiler said...


Very happy to hear you think Star Wars is stupid. E-fistbump. I cannot stand that stuff.

Good luck with the house.

Gordo said...

I definitely agree, the last three (but first in the storyline) Star Wars flicks are dreadful.

Sometimes, the only thing you can do with a wild ride is to hold on and enjoy. ;-)

Maggie said...

wow, I don't which is more painful, the new house or the medical procedure. The medical procedure however has drugs to go with it, so I'm thinking orchestrating the house. But that one has a happy ending for sure right? Medical procedure, well I don't know if your end will be happy afterwards or not. Heh.

Fasten your seatbelts!

Irrelephant said...

Deep breaths, you might feel a little pinch... no wait, that's the house-buying bit. Congrats on surviving the one and entering the other! Hopefully it'll be over soon, with best results.

Hilary said...

Best of luck with everything you're undertaking.. I hope it all works out for you in the end. ;)

Noel said...

First off, congrats on closing! It'll be rough with two houses and what I am assuming, two mortgages--but it is doable.

Second, best of luck with the procedure. It's one of those things I'm not looking forward to as I take care of my health as well.

Who knew trying to be healthy would be so much work?

Clowncar said...

They were very good drugs, Meno. Sadly, I was asleep much of the time, and thus unable to enjoy the buzz.

I like The Empire Strikes Back the most, Eric. I have a theory that the middle films of trilogies are usually the best ones, because everything's in transition. No need to tie up everything in a neat bow. Plus that whole "I am your father" thing is pretty cool.

Gordo, if it weren't for all the cool spaceships, those prequel movies would be unwatchable.

Maggie, I like your house buying = zolonoscopy idea. Wish they gave out drugs to calm down home buyers.

Irr, it's all over on May 17. Except the selling our house part. Who knows how long that'll take? That pinch I feel is everyone grabbing for my wallet.

Hilary, "works out for you in the end?" Really? Ouch. A pun so painful it hurts.

Two mortgages it is, Noel. More painful than the zolonoscopy.