Monday, April 13, 2009

The Ramen Express

We're making an offer on a 2-story brick Victorian today. Built in 1892 and lovingly restored. So, the weekly menu for the (hopefully) short time we carry two mortgages: ramen with diced chicken and broccoli; ramen with shredded roast beef and green beans; ramen with scrambled eggs and peas (this last one is so popular with the girls they've actually named it: Daddy Soup).

Yes, I'm quite the ramen noodle savant.

See that window at the very top of the house? It faces out of a classic unfinished attic, with sloping walls, exposed insulation, the whole bit. My writer's room. I'll put in a floor, then walls, as I finish the New Novel. Fitting, eh? Building a room as I'm building a book.

Mets play their first game in their brand new ballpark tonight. It's named after a bank that took taxpayer money to stay afloat and promptly paid 400 million to buy naming rights to the stadium. Greedy Bastards that Took All Our Money and Flushed It Down A Fucking Hole Stadium, I like to call it.

I have vowed never to refer to it by it's corporate name. And I never will.

But good luck to those Metros tonight.


Daisy said...

Go Yankees. (Probably same deal with their new stadium too, eh?)

Anyway -- can I come move in with you guys? The house is fab! Love the hairpin fence out front. Love your writer's room. AM charmed by the little window and porch above the front door (who gets that room?) though that porch looks funny. Is missing posts or something. I will now have to look into this by consulting my vintage "pattern" books for houses.

The ramen diet is totally worth it!

Eric Shonkwiler said...

Very nice. Reminiscent of several houses in my hometown. I'm jealous of the writer's room--I think my dad was working on his attic to try and sway me back home with that as bait.

I'll have to try the ramen, minus the peas.

meno said...

It looks like a Raven could easily come tapping, rapping at your attic window.

Ramen with Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil.

Ramen with Snap Peas and leftover pork chop.

Ramen with mayonaisse and mustard.

Been there, done that.

Daisy said...

OH! OH! And having now noticed the stair light on the side, I'll bet you have a wonderful entrance and stair hall!

Gordo said...

Mmmmm, ramen.

I look forward to the inevitable implosion of professional sport and a return to actually having fun while playing the game and not worrying about endorsement deals or corporate sponsors.

Irrelephant said...

's a beautiful house, old bean. I deeply envy you the attic space--blank canvas waiting to be created with.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Good luck with the house! That's great! I love old houses, and this one is fantastic!

A writing room is essential... and you chose a great one!

Don't get me started on the banks... but your name sounds perfect to me.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Clowncar said...

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. My poor, deluded Yankee-fan Daisy. Of course the Yankees did the right thing (and you don't often see "Yankees" and "right thing" in the same sentence) and named it Yankee Stadium. The Yankees have the money to do the right thing. The Yankees have the money to build their stadium on the moon.

You called the front porch's inauthenticity, by the way. It was added by the couple who fixed up the place. They tried to build it in the style of the period, and did a good enough job to get past my unschooled eye, but not enough to get past yours, clearly.

Ramen is open to infinite combinations, E. The diced chicken and peas is particularly tasty.

Mayonnaise and mustard? You are a brave soul, Meno.

Yes, Daze, the entrance hall is pretty cool.

They really should have named in Jackie Robinson Field, Gordo. But no, they stuck Jackie in the rotunda and took their 400 million and named it after a frickin bank.

Find a dog show in Colorado and your welcome to bunk their yourself, Irr. You can even help me put down some flooring!

Scarlett, luck is something we'll definitely need. Along with, you know, furniture.