Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mysterious Space Blobs From the Beginning of Time

The blog has been rather clowncar-centric lately, what with the new house and the girls and vacation and all, so it's back to space.

This is a huge mysterious space blob, very far away and thus from the very early universe (only three other objects more distant than this have ever been seen). No one knows what it is. The beginnings of a black hole? The early stages of one of the first galaxies? The cosmic egg from which Mothra hatched?

It's called Himiko, after an ancient Japanese queen, thus reinforcing the whole Mothra vibe. Apparently, the peer-reviewed paper that announced the discovery actually refers to it as a "blob" 34 times. No one knows what to call it.

Too cool.


meno said...

I think i see that alien face tube made of water thing from The Abyss.

Anonymous said...

I'm okay with it being clowncar-centric :)

Clowncar said...

Meno, to me it looks a lot like the right half of those rhinestone studded glasses waitresses named Flo wear as they bring you coffee.

Bliss - I really try to resist turning the blog into a diary (e.g. "Dear diary, I met the dreamiest boy today...")